greenlight driver training

Our current basic hourly, 'pay as you go' rate is £22 for manual, £25 for automatic.

Our block discounts are:

Manual Automatic
10 hours: £200 £230
20 hours: £390 £450

Fees are normally payable in advance, or at the beginning of each lesson at the discretion of the instructor.

Block payments are due before each block commences.

Intensive course prices are based on these discount rates, plus any test fees. A deposit may be required at the time of booking, and the course paid in full 7 days in advance.

These prices and discounts also apply to Pass Plus courses with the addition of a small administration fee (to cover DSA charges and postage) at the instructor's discretion.

You can pay cash or by cheque directly to your instructor, or via bank transfer. Please ask your instructor for banking details.

manual or automatic
test routes