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The fact is, every learner driver is nervous when they first get behind the wheel, and everybody will be nervous on Driving Test day, unless they really don't care about the result (who are they trying to kid?)!

How well you cope with your nerves can seriously affect how quickly you learn and how well you perform on your driving test. In training, the lucky few, usually those who take to driving easily, will lose their nervousness quickly, the unlucky few will be nervous throughout and everyone else will be somewhere in between. On the driving test it can work in reverse. Those who learnt with little interference from nerves may find it difficult to cope with them when it matters most, and those who have been nervous in training will not be so troubled because they're used to them.

Yet, surprisingly for something so vital to a learner driver's progress and performance, understanding the effects of nerves is not part of an instructor's training. Each is left to their own devices once they are qualified, and most end up with some kind of 'calm you down' approach which isn't all that effective. After all, if it was that easy, there wouldn't be a problem!

So, what do we do that's different? You'll have to book a lesson to find out, and one lesson is usually all it takes us to know if your nerves are a problem, and what you can do about it! You'll find that our's is a completely practical, common sense approach (no 'driving angels' required here!), offering solutions and coping strategies that have been developed from years of experience and form an integral part of our teaching practice.

We can't promise to stop you feeling nervous (nor can anyone else) but, whether your nerves affect your training or just your driving test performance, we can help you understand what happens to you when you are nervous, and, as with most potential problems, if you know what to expect, you can do something about it! If you can cope with your nerves during training you are more likely to enjoy your lessons, learn quicker and save money. If you can cope with your nerves on Driving Test day you are more likey to pass with fewer attempts and save even more money. Everybody needs to know how to deal with their nerves, and we are the experts!

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